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GoldMindStudios believes the making of a great record/song begins at the source, from the right microphone for the talent paired up with the right hardware plays a crucial step in preparing the song for mixing. Get your record on the right track by getting it professionally engineered at the very starting point of the process. Give your record a solid foundation.


A step often overlooked, but a key component to the overall feel and finish of a project mixing incorporates techniques such as overall balance, reverb, EQ, compression, delay and stereo image to perfect the vision of bringing your song to life. Give your song the sonic balance that it deserves, and one that helps the song soar far beyond the demo mix. Let the dynamics, flavors, and nuances of a professional mix take your song to the next level.


GoldMindStudios strives to help every artist develop and perfect every aspect of the creative process, individually focusing on the details including mastering which is the final step of taking your project from a final mix to a finished and polished product for optimized playback across all systems and media formats including but not limited to WAV, mp3, mp4, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal. Make sure your song can compete with the big dogs by finishing it off with a professional master.

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