Will Santos

Audio Engineer


                  Recording Audio/ Mix Engineer, and Owner of GoldMindStudios (Est. 2015), Will Santos has spent the past 12 years growing and perfecting his craft of tracking and mixing music for artists of many genres specializing in Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop. Will’s passion for audio began early on, in middle school, with the purchase of his very first audio interface in 2003. He dedicated all his time and efforts into his passion of working with audio and the many ways you can manipulate sounds plus the effect it has on a person’s emotions. This same passion continues as fresh as the first time he hit record for his very first client. When Will is not in the studio (which is hardly EVER) he enjoys to venture out into nature for long hikes as well as having a genuine interest for the art of cooking which he believes could have possibly been his alternate career. Ultimately Will Santos hopes that his facility and team can provide the most comfortable in-studio experience, leaving a long-lasting impression for every single person that walks through the GoldMindStudios' door.


Karina Perez

Project Management


                With an emphasis on accomplishing company goals in the most efficient and team-oriented manner, Project Manager Karina Perez makes it her mission to ensure that all tasks are taken care of with the GoldMindStudios (GMS) team and clients as top priority. She is currently a senior at California State University, Northridge focusing on the art of Business Management through the Nazarian College of Business and hopes to carry on her enthusiasm and drive for this craft throughout her career. At GMS, Karina takes the reigns on organizing, planning and executing events from photoshoots, seminar’s and showcases to managing interns. She is adamant in being involved in all aspects of the company and among many other tasks she uses her love of writing to keep the personal connection with every client and company she works with by taking on the position of being the first line of contact through email, newsletters and campaigns as well as providing website maintenance plus drafting and managing GMS’s company forms and contracts.  Always positive and excited for the next challenge, Karina is ready to continue to contribute to GMS’s future, growth and inspiring clientele.


Alfred Miranda

Digital Creator


                As Director of Digital Content, Frank Nine (aka Alfred), takes his passion for music and photography and applies it to the original content he creates. Being a music artist himself, Frank Nine blends his knowledge of the music industry into his work, which is evident by his contribution to GoldMindStudios (GMS). He is not only responsible for the team’s videography from behind the scenes footage to merchandise shoots and event filming, but he is also the designer of the GMS brand design. As a man who wears many hats here at GMS Frank Nine does not stop there, he is also responsible for all digital work including flyers, logo’s and photos as well as building relationships with GMS clients and being one of the first lines of contact through client outreach for new musicians and artists for any future in-studio projects. With a dedicated spirit and a hard work ethic, Frank Nine continues to add his unique touch to all GMS projects and hopes to grow and perfect his own craft in the process. You can find his music and work at